About Clearbridge BD

Clearbridge Business Development

We are a marketing business that specialises in finding customers for businesses through both online and offline marketing and work with small and medium sized business where the decision makers are determined to make a difference. Clearbridge also operates as part of the Alchemy Network.

We ensure your Website and Social Media investments return a profit by finding you new business and helping service your current customers effectively, and that this is fully supported by your offline marketing and  customer contact activities.

We  explain everything we do in a straight forward understandable manner. No smoke and mirrors here.

Give us a call on 01926 6511022  or use the contact form here so that we can help you grow your business

Stephen Clark – MD and Founder of Clearbridge Business Development

Stephen ClarkStephen held a number of senior executive roles for over 20 years before founding Clearbridge Business Development. For the last fifteen years Stephen has worked at Managing Director level in £40 million turnover plus businesses, in three different manufacturing and service sectors.  During that time he doubled the profitability of a number of businesses.You won’t be surprised to learn that as a result he has gained immense experience in marketing, sales, operations and finance. He has been successful, having significantly grown most of the businesses he led. However, as he says, ” I truly wish that I had known what I know now. The new methods and strategies I have now acquired will mean that you will not have to wait as long, or invest as much as I did.”


Jonathan Slobom – Lead Consultant

Jonathan – is an accomplished marketeer with experience spanning the business development and sales cycle from both a marketing viewpoint, and that of the client in B2B / B2C markets, start-ups and rapid-growth environments. He believes in developing strategic marketing solutions whilst delivering real results for clients. Jonathan also has great analytical and strategic abilities to make straightforward and workable plans that produce rapid results. ” I was tired of Marketing Consultants over promising and under delivering and then never getting to the point – the point being what did I wanted. That’s why I got into this business – to make a difference and make sure clients get the benefits they wish for.”

David Abingdon – Founder of Alchemy Network

Over the last sixteen years David has trained in excess of over 3500 people from all walks of life and from around the world in marketing, sales, and of course; consulting, by using the powerful methods, systems and techniques of the world’s greatest business and marketing consultants and coaches. Directly and indirectly, he’s helped thousands of businesses, consultants and entrepreneurs gain enormous success and earn staggering amounts of money.

He’s also personally taken three business ventures from zero to multimillion pound companies – each in less than 12 months.

David established himself as a highly successful business consultant in the UK and gained wide recognition in business circles for making one company he consulted with over $70 million in just two and a half years, earning himself $3.05million in the process.

As David developed his consultancy techniques, he recognized that many people are so wrapped up in the technical aspects of their business that they rarely step back and look at the business as a whole.

The country estate in which David Abingdon now resides with his wife and 2 children is a far cry from the deprived area in Birmingham, England, where he spent his childhood. He enjoys music, reading, business activities and flying.