Facebook for Business

Are you wondering whether you need Facebook or not to help your business marketing? This page should answer your question or at the very least point you in the right direction.

Word of mouth was always the best form of advertising, but it sued to be slow. The invention of the Internet saw word of mouth go global. People and their views are connected as they have never been connected before. There are also a great number of ways of letting people know your opinion, so instead of telling, a neighbour how one product is better than another, people post it on a website and hundreds know about it. That website is most frequently Facebook.

Do I need Facebook for Business?

The short answer is yes you do!

However, how much depends on the type of business you are.  I’ll split this into two categories:

  1. Businesses whose customers buy occasionally with little repeat business in the short term e.g. estate agents, car sales, central heating installation, double glazing etc.
  2. Businesses that get frequent and lots of repeat business in the short term e.g. restaurants, bars, dentists, car servicing, florists, jewellers etc

Whilst both will benefit from mastering Facebook it is the second category that will gain the most.

 Some facts about Facebook


  • 20% of consumers search Facebook for reviews, or to get opinions from friends before buying
  • If Facebook were a country , it’d be the 3rd largest country in the world is has nearly 800 Million users
  • There are over 30 million Facebook users in the UK
  • Most well known businesses and Brands have a facebook page
  • It’s Free to join
  • Advertising on Facebook will allow you to highly target your potential customers


Using Facebook For Business

Now that you are more aware of how important facebook can be you may want to learn more and perhaps get on with setting up your own Facebook page.  If you do we have a Free ebook “Facebook For Business”  that you can download here. It is very valuable information and we often sell this so please don’t pass it amongst your friends.

Done for You Facebook

If you don’t have time to study all the relevant information or wish to get quick results we will set up your Facebook page along with a few other services.  To find out more click here