Facebook For Business Timeline Pages

Facebook is introducing a major change that will affect businesses.  Facebook has released timelines for business pages.

Facebook will automatically switch it over for you on 31 March whether you like it or not. You can’t ignore this one!  See the intro to Timeline from Facebook here to get an idea of what you are in for.

example of a new cover shot

 My advice is to preview the new look while you can, and get everything right before the switch over. When you are happy with the results switch it over straight away.

It is now after 31st March 2012 then you will already be seeing that you need to do a bit of work to sort the new Timeline page out and get it looking the way you want.

In summary, the following changes have been made:

  • There is now a large cover image at the top of the page.  Sizing for your cover image is 850px wide x 315px high.  But there is plenty of restrictions on this – see below.
  • There is no longer a default landing page.  Everyone is directed straight to your timeline.
  • Likers can send messages directly to you from your page.
  • There is a new look admin panel.
  • Tabs have moved to the top right underneath your cover and are now called Apps.

Facebook for Business Timeline Pages

If you want to know more then download our FREE Facebook For Business Timeline Pages Report available here

Learn step by step how to:

  • Do the Basics.
  • Choose and install Cover shots.
  • Manage Your timeline.
  • Find and install apps
  • Make a start on making your Timeline Business Page serve your business in the best way possible.