Finding more leads for Small Businesses Online

Small Businesses are not getting their fair share of customers from online sources.

Google search pageThe majority of Small Businesses now have a website, but it is not at all clear why they have one.

With the steady drop off in the use of Yellow Pages – Small Businesses need to replace this once reliable source of leads with something else. Unfortunately, too many think that because they have a website then their potential customers will find them. Of course that is not a likely story without some planned intervention.

Potential customers are now more and more turning to Google in the UK to find businesses, products or services they want.  Most will not go beyond the first page of their search. So businesses that want to win business from Google searches better make sure they are on the first of the Google search for the terms that their best customers are likely to be using to find them. (And that’s whole other topic in itself).

There are five individual locations on Google age one that can be targeted

  1. AdWords – at the top of the page
  2. Google Places for local business
  3. A natural search spot – the place that everyone things of first
  4. A video spot
  5. A directory spot

AdWords has to be paid for but you can get to the top of the page if you wish almost instantaneously.  Google Places is essential for Local Businesses, The Video Spot is often overlooked but it can be easier to place a video than it is a website on page1. The natural search position is free apart from all the skill and effort you have to put into your site to make Google want to place it on page1.

Targeting all these places is the best strategy. But AdWords and Google Places are the quickest.

Once this is achieved then you need to integrate your site with Social Media and in particular Facebook.  All Small Business Owners understand the importance of “word of mouth”. Well Social Media is word of mouth on Digital Steroids. You need to get this right otherwise you are missing out on tons of potential customers and an opportunity to engage and educate your customers.

If you are not up to speed on Small Business Online Marketing then I strongly suggest you do so now, and quickly.

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