Local SEO

Most Local Businesses used to place an ad’ in the famous Yellow Pages and sit back and watch the new customers come in. These days it is much more complicated. Most business are moving to alternative means to attract new customers. Have you seen how small (in all respects) the new directories are?

Local SEO is Important

The Internet is getting more important every day for local search. More accurately Google is becoming more and more important for finding local businesses and services.  Forgive the Australian nature of this video but it makes the point perfectly and is a must watch.

– More and more people are using Google to find what they want.

– People think that the companies at the top of the search are better quality and more relevant to their search.

– 75%+ of people do not look beyond the first page.

What is Local SEO?

is all about getting you as far up the first page of a relevant Google search as possible. That’s it as simple as that!

If you want your website to provide leads for you then getting to the top Google page #1 for your main keywords (the words people will use to find your business in Google) is essential and the explanation for that is below.

Your website needs to be optimised for these keywords, and in Local SEO, it also needs to be optimised for the location as well. Particularly if  most of your customers come from with 25 miles of your business address.

Local SEO and why should I bother?

Local SEO and Google CTRJust look at these  Google page one click through rates and you will see why Local SEO ( Local Search Engine Optimisation) is so important.

In fact if you don’t get your local SEO right and you find yourself on page two of  a search – forget it. You are going to get little benefit from your website this way.

In fact the major benefit goes to business at the top of the search and the traffic declines very quickly as you get down the page.


If you want to do the Local SEO work on your own website you can learn how by following this link to our 5Day Marketing Challenge . There you will find a free online course that will explain many of the things you need to do to get more new local customers or clients than you would think possible through your website.

Done For You Local SEO

If you don’t have the time to learn of would like some qucik results then just go to the Contact Us  page and drop us a line. We would be glad to help.