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SEO is all about getting your website found in the Search Engines.Small Business Search Engine Optimisationnot only do you need to be seen by the search engines, but you need to be on the first two pages of a search or you won’t be found. And the nearer to the top the better. Find out more…..


If your customers are local then you need to be on top of local SEO. 

small business seo There are five different positions you can get your business placed on page one of Google for a Local Search. How many more customers would you have if you were there in all five spots.  Find out more….  

Why SEO?

How are people who want your services or products going to find you?It used to be easy: you just placed your ad in the Yellow Pages and sat back waiting for the phone to ring.  The problem is that people have changes their habits. Most people now use a Search Engine to find what they want, and a good deal of this searching is done on mobiles. In the UK Google dominates online searches with over 80% of the traffic. So what does that mean for you? You need to understand the following.

  • A Yellow Pages Ad is not enough  and in some cases may be irrelevant
  • You need a web site and it needs to be seen
  • When people want to buy the products or services you are selling they use specific phrases in the Search Engines
  • Google needs to be able to point these people that are using the key words or phrases to your site
  • If  Google can’t find these key words or phrase on your pages on your site they can’t match you up.
  • The process of creating these key words and phrases that your customers are using the search in Google is called SEO
  • You need to do other things too, such as listing your site in the relevant Directories
  • You need to encourage people to visit your site
  • You need to use video to promote your site
  • You need to integrate your site with appropriate Social Media
  • If your customers are local you need to go here to find out what to do
  • Or you can just sit back and worry about where your customers are going to coming from now!

If you want to learn how to do all this yourselves then go to our Do-It-Yourself section here.If you like some help then give us a call on 01926  651022 or use our contact page